My approach to public art is site-specific. The significance of people co-existing with artwork in a public space exceeds conventional statuary, which stand aloft on grandiose pedestals. My work accepts and responds to the public's presence in the environment, so the public is personally addressed by the artwork.

My public sculptures draw upon the specific ideas, feelings and materials of their sites to commemorate and to accentuate the public's relationship with the communal space. I like to cultivate an artwork which seems to naturally grow out from it's viewer's pre-existing orientation to the site. In order to convey this impression, the materials in my sculptures are adapted to harmonize with the site. I often create transparent linear designs to seamlessly infiltrate the viewer's experience of the whole public space.

Wind-resistance, minimized-stress, and reduced surface areas all contribute to making my public sculptures maintenance-free and graffiti-resistant and viewer friendly. The linear design can also maximize the impact of the project budget. I choose images that are symbolically relevant to the area and which have universally positive associations, to identify the space as well as to offer a friendly and generous welcome to the public.




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