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"PAPER DOLL - Pheobe's Moth" by David Saunders, 2004 - pastel on paper, 19" x 14"



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"These paper dolls are the insubstantial human lives that color my experience of the tangible things I find in this world." -David Saunders, 2004

PAPER DOLLS, is David Saunders' newest series of work. Each painting presents a dramatic character with a meaningful object in a pastoral scene. To compose his dramas, the artist directs professional actors to pose with objects for drawings on colored paper. Each life-sized drawing is then cut out and set back up to pose with the same object in the land around the artist's studio in the Hamptons. Saunders then paints the whole dramatic scene just as it appears on his outdoor-stage. PAPER DOLLS celebrates the insubstantiality of the human lives that color the artist's experience of the things he finds meaningful. These postmodern artworks are masterful paintings and tender character studies that reconsider the European tradition of narrative landscapes.

"Their spirits are insubstantial paper dolls
That find substantiation in certain objects."
-Homer, The Odysses                                       

 - by Trevor Barthes (ARTE FINALE ,Nov 2004)


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